1997 Ford Mustang Cobra SVT Convertible

Anointed by Motor Trend Magazine as a definite future collectible, these SVT Cobras are in our opinion both collectible and user friendly right now ! One of just 365 produced in this color/interior option, just 1308 were ever made in any combination. This green with tan top and tan leather interior has just 59,671 miles at this time.

With all the requisite options, this one has the 5-speed manual transmission which is exactly as it should be! With 305 hp V-8, bigger brakes in front and rear than a GT, these make you want to explore wide open highways where you can take this wide open!

The SVT(Special Vehicle Team) program were reportedly only able to be sold thru a selected 707 Ford dealers around the country, so even in 1997 when brand-new, they were hard to get. Now is your chance to get this pristine SVT Cobra convertible.



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