The 1966 Cadillac was delivered today around 3 PM.  I took some time looking the car over closely, then my wife and I took a 30 mile shake down cruise. We are both very pleased with the appearance of the car, and love the way it drives. It is very original, and very clean everywhere and that is worth a lot; as you said it’s hard to find them like that.

So, I just wanted to thank you, I’m very pleased with the car so far. I think this one will be a keeper. I will try to be a good conservator, and when I get too old to be active in the hobby, pass it on to another deserving collector. I love being able to keep a part of history alive and tangible for the following generations. The poor young ‘ins today may have to settle for being driven around in autonomous Uber cars, and never even own or drive their own car. I’m glad I passed this way when I did.

Thanks again it was good doing business with you.

New Hampshire

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