Tom Taylor Story


Tom Taylor started selling Ford’s in 1964 in Nashville after graduating high school. He bought his Martin, TN hometown dealership in 1980 and became a Chevy-Olds dealer. He soon added Pontiac, GMC, Chrysler, Plymouth & Dodge in the next few years. Tom loves Fords and was happy to purchase the Ford dealership in Union City, TN, in1991. Along with his family, he still runs these dealerships.

A lifelong auto enthusiast, he purchased his first antique car, a 30 Ford Model A Coupe, in 1973. He still owns this car and loves driving it, as well as many others from his extensive collection.

For 44 years, Tom has bought, sold, and traded numerous collector cars. His passion has always been low-mileage, original, un-restored cars, but he appreciates a good restoration.

Mr. Taylor is fortunate to have a full time mechanic, as well as the service facilities of his dealerships, to be able to keep his collection in excellent condition. His collection has grown beyond current storage capacity, and Tom has asked us to sell a few of his cars to help with the issue.

We hand-picked 20 of his collector cars to offer at our September Auction in Concord, North Carolina.


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