1940 Buick Special 4-Door Sedan


UNRESTORED ORIGINAL, true “Driving Mrs. Mary” story.  Bought new by Mrs. Mary Kinzel Welch, of Winchester, Virginia, on June 21, 1940.  Mrs. Mary had a driver, and the floor is a little worn on the right rear where her high heels rested. Other than an engine rebuild, this car is all original including the factory black finish and interior.  Car was properly stored in 1956 after Mrs. Mary had no further use for a car, and that oil change sticker is still in the door jamb.  It was taken out of storage in the early ’70’s and sold to the very same salesman, T. W. Pierce, who sold it to Mrs. Welch in 1940!  The car recently made its way to Raleigh, NC where it has been used for occasional weekend outings, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and other special family occasions. To this date it has accumulated only 58K documented miles.

With an electric fuel pump that was added several years ago, it starts every time you will want to go for a drive, and is a true smooth and reliable 60 MPH highway car.  Car has the Fireball “straight” 8 engine, standard 3-speed transmission, and optional fog lights.  This is a very rare opportunity to obtain an all-original 1940 automobile, and of course, you had really rather have a Buick….

Price:  $19,900.  Delivery & financing available


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